Fahima Islam

Hi! I am a researcher in Scientific Computing and Software Engineering group at ORNL

Featured Work

3D Printed Collimator Design for High Pressure Cell (SNAP)(corresponding software c3dp)

chop: chopper design and plot time-distance diagram for 2D image collection device VENUS

the chop package takes the time of flight instrument parameters shown on the left and produce the time-distance diagram on the right that gives no overlapping in different frames in detector for different chopper configuration

srins: super resolution reconstruction of inelastic neutron spectrum

application of srins

the srins package takes the raw DOS (violet curve) as an input and produce three different reconstructed DOS (orange, green and red) with higher resolution and less noise.

Multiphonon: Phonon Density of States tools for Inelastic Neutron Scattering Powder Data

idpflex: Analysis of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins by Comparing Simulations to Small Angle Scattering Experiments

The idpflex package clusters tens of thousands of simulated protein conformations into a manageable number of sub-states (typically less than ten) representative of experimentally observed SAS profiles

McStas Simulation of Neutron Diffractometer at INL

Automatic detection of abnormalities from dental radiographs data publication

Sparse view neutron CT reconstruction of irradiated fuel

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My skills and specialities include neutron scattering physics, programming languages(Python, C++, MatLab), software development (GitHub, Travis CI, Kubernetes), Monte-Carlo Ray tracing (McStas, McVine), machine learning (FANN, PyTorch, TensorFlow), CAD design (creo), CT reconstruction physics and and Getting Things Done

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About Me

I am very much passionate about new scientific research and new technologies. I use new computing technologies to discover the challenging questions of science. From very early childhood technologies attract me like magnets which leads me to go to the best engineering and technology university of Bangladesh named Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology After completing my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering for higher education, I came to USA and pursued MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. I also worked as a graduate intern at Idaho National Laboratory. Currently I am working as a postdoctoral research associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Outside of my work, I am a traveler, cook, photographer and workoutaholic



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